Water! How Much Does Our Body Really Need?

by Leroy Rader

It is usually advisable to drink at least 8 – 10 glasses a day. But the question is how much do we really need to take and what would be the benefits. Studies show that there is no scientific evidence to prove that 8 – 10 glasses is really accurate for us to be fully hydrated.

As research shows that the body doesn’t really need 64 -80oz of water, the body only needs what it is needed. Hydration is the most important part of our body, if you don’t have enough water on your body, everything will be affected and can cause to a problem to your health.

How Much Water Does YOUR Body Need Each Day?

How Much Water Does YOUR Body Need Each Day?

Here are some of the questions being asked about water intake:

  1. How much water do we really need?

As long as your body could take enough water, it will be good. There is no specific measurement on how much, this would also depend on the environment and medical purposes.

Thirst is one of the signs that your body needs water. But not all individual who experience thirst is healthy. The following disease that would make you thirstier is hyperglycemia. If you think that you have this kind of symptoms, it is highly advised to seek medical attention.

  1. What are the benefits?

Our body consists of 60 percent water and it helps flush toxins and carries nutrients to different parts of the body. It is also depends on everybody organs that we have.

If the body doesn’t have enough water it can lead to dehydration, this is a condition that occurs if we it is not enough. We have to maintain enough water to our body so as to have enough energy.

 How Much Water Do You Need When Working Out?

How Much Water Do You Need When Working Out?

  1. Is drinking eight glasses a day would be enough?

This is usually being advice on everyone, it is made popular because it can easy be remembered. Maintaining this would not do any harm instead it can be beneficial to our body.

There are also ways to consider on how much water can be taken, this depends on your daily routine and how active you are. The following can modify your fluid intake:

  1. Environment

During summer it can make you more sweat and this would require you to take more fluids. And if you do a lot of outdoor activity that may trigger frequent urination and rapid breathing, this will lead to uses up even your reserve fluids.

  1. Sickness

When you have diarrhea, vomiting, and high fever, this is also one of the causes of dehydration. It is required to drink more than what should be on a daily basis. If the symptoms become severe you are prescribe to drink oral dehydration solution such as Gatorade, CeraLyte or Powerade.

Overall, it is not harmful to drink a lot of water, this would depend on your lifestyle and environment. It’s important to meet the needs of your body so as to be more active and have a healthy living.

What Specifications Do You Need In Buying A Smartphone For Your Business?

by Leroy Rader

As mobile technology is fast developing, it is good to know that there are features added that are very useful for business. Since all businesspersons are aiming to increase profitability, they are very concern on how they could be updated on the latest trend and news especially those about their business line. Their priority is to catch up on what is trending marketing strategy and trying to utilize it to cope up with the fast-changing world, which could give them an edge over their competitors.

In today’s world, mobile phones are powerful devices that let everyone connect with one another though high tech communication. For entrepreneurs, bringing with them their mobile phones is also like negotiating business transactions in their offices. With so many useful downloadable applications, it is already possible that almost all business transactions are just clicks away.

Smartphone Comparison Guide (early 2013)

Smartphone Comparison Guide (early 2013)

Paperless Business Transactions through Mobile Phones

This is now the latest development of technology that almost all transactions are paperless. There is no need to send mails via postal offices and suffer snail-mailing system because almost everything can be access through the power of Internet.

These make mobile phones ideal devices for business because the gadgets can already access the Internet. These tools are so portable that can be functional anytime and anywhere. With the help of those downloadable applications, paperless business transactions can be done. It would not be hard to receive payments, issue receipts, and close every deal successfully made.

How to Select the Best Mobile Phone to Use for Your Business

You will have many options of mobile gadgets available in the market. Different brands, quality, specifications, and model. This makes is hard to choose which from those phones should you purchase that could grant you the best buy.



Just simple and general tips on how you should choose the best mobile phone to buy:

1) Pick a user-friendly gadget. You need to be comfortable on the mobile phone that you are using because it would be easy to attend to all those client’s queries and close every transaction.

2) Consider the RAM and processor. Make a research on what is the highest memory and the fastest processor so that you will have idea to find the best model to buy.

3) Battery is important in buying all portable devices. Get one with long battery life so that you will have no problem in bringing with you your phones anytime and anywhere.

Success in Your Business Lies in Your Hands

No matter how advanced our technology in today’s generation, if you do not know how to effectively utilize them, then these gadgets would turn worthless.

It would be all up to you as the entrepreneur on how you will use the mobile phones to increase productivity of your business. You can use them as powerful marketing strategic tools to make connections with your clients building strong business relationships.

Ways To Maximize On Your Credit Card Rewards

by Leroy Rader

It’s nice to have credit cards as long as you can control your spending and you pay bills on time. Credit card providers will reward you for using your cards. Loyalty programs make people stick to their present providers. It also encourages people to make use of credit cards in their purchases. Having credit card rewards is something every credit card user should look forward to. If you’re a big fan of credit cards, it’s only fitting that you know how to make the most out of your rewards.

Convert Rewards to Cash

A lot of people love this option. You can get hard cold cash for your reward points. It’s the easiest and probably the most practical way of using your points. Then again, you have to check your provider to see if you’re already eligible to convert points to cash. Remember that there are some providers that have set a minimum number of points before people can convert points to cash. There are also mileage brokers around that are interested in your rewards. You may sell it to them for you to get cash.

Dos and don'ts for maximizing credit rewards

Dos and don’ts for maximizing credit rewards

Purchase Gift Cards with the Use of Your Rewards

If you have a lot of reward points and you can’t find anything you want, you may go for gift cards. There are so many things that can be purchased with the use of a gift card. Also, gift cards are wonderful gifts. Anyone would love to receive a gift card from you. It gives them the chance to buy what they want. However, you should take note of the expiry date. Unused cards expire when they reach a specific date.

6 Tips to Maximize Credit Card Rewards

6 Tips to Maximize Credit Card Rewards

Share your rewards to family and friends

Your points can also be shared to your family members or friends. Look for people who need more points and share your rewards to them. If you don’t find anyone, you may donate it to charitable organizations. Your points may not seem much to you, but they are already a big help to these organizations. Keep in mind that your points are just freebies. It shouldn’t hurt to share them to others. Who knows, you might just get more in return. Also, sharing is much better than not doing anything about your points. Your credit card provider gave it to you. You might as well use them!

A lot of credit card holders swipe their cards without even thinking about their ability to pay. In some instances, they’re swept away by promising credit card rewards. Although it’s nice to have these rewards, you shouldn’t swipe your card for the sake of earning points. When your bill comes, you’ll realize that you made a mistake. Be wise when using your credit card so you will enjoy rewards and not suffer from penalties that can put a hole on your pocket.